Amy S. Lu


Likes & Dislikes:

- Reading things written by others and myself
- Hearing how differently "Shirong", my first name in Chinese, is pronounced
- Painting/Cooking something till it turns into something totally unexpected
- Succumbing to a walkthrough to get a perfect video game completion
- Exploring different options of data storage
- Trying to raise one eyebrow without squinting
- Experimenting with touching up digital photos
- Pondering whether to add or to remove the word "the" from a sentence
- Naming artworks "Untitled" or "No Subject"
- Picking the right smart watch
- Feeling compelled to advise email scammers on message improvement
- Deciding whether to play a Souls-like game or not
- Artificial intelligence (AI) 
- Social Media
- Anachronisms
- Spoilers
- ...